What type of oven do you use?

We use the new wood fired oven with the dimension of 1840mm high, 2300mm long (not including the tow triangle) and 1955mm wide. The special design of these oven makes it very easy to transport and can be mounted on to a trailer without much effort. These ovens are certified and qualified for food use.

Do you use dough rollers to prepare Pizza base?

Obviously no! Pizza dough is a sensitive stuff and requires an artistic touch to bring it to an accurate consistency. Our chefs are experts in forming the perfect pizza base and they don’t even carry racks or rollers with them. We hand form the pizza bases immediately before topping and cooking, so that no air escapes from the dough, leaving a hard flat base. This hand-kneading method doesn’t require any special equipment and can be just done anywhere you have a surface to work on.

Can we book a mobile pizza catering in Sydney even if we don’t have a drive through access to our backyard?

Yes, of course! If your backyard has no drive through access, we can set up on the front and carry the pizzas to the party.  Generally, our mobile pizza in Sydney doesn’t emit any smoke and can be set up even inside a hall or your office building.

How will you serve the pizzas to our guests?

We have two professional and authentic pizza chefs to cater your party needs. Whenever possible, one chef will walk around the party venue offering pizza to the guests while the other chef takes care of the cooking needs. But, when the number of guests begins increasing, both chefs would be busy in preparing dough and cooking pizza. In this case, we suggest you to get a serving table to cater your guests.

Do you provide us with supplies that we need to serve and eat at the event?

Yes, we will bring disposable plates and serviettes sourced from sugar cane pulp to cater the party needs. These environment friendly plates and serviettes are not only disposable but also easier to clean up than plastic. And, these supplies come in white colour and if you are going with a team, then please let us know.

What about the menu for the event? Do we need to select the flavour we want?

From the selected pizza menu, we will be   rotating pizzas for your guests to let them try a slice of everything. We can prepare all varieties of Entree Pizzas, Gourmet Pizzas, Traditional Pizzas, Dessert Pizzas and more. If you don’t want a certain type of pizza, we can take it out from the list or if you want us to add something new, we can do it for you!

How many pizzas can you make for the event and do you have any time limit?

Nope! We don’t have any limit on the number of pizzas we make for the event because our service is all you can eat. Also, many mobile pizza catering services in Sydney have a time limit of 3 hours or more. So, when you are deciding to hire our service book us for morning or night. We can stay longer than a prescribed time limit and will not rush you. In case if you are ready to pull an all-nighter, we will leave you with a few take-aways.

Do you need any electric supply?

If you have the provision of electric supply within 20 meters of your venue, then we will bring power cables required to operate our oven. We can also bring generator to venues that don’t have an electric supply within 20 meters of source. But keep in mind, if we are bringing a generator, it will incur an additional charge based on the number of guests.

Do you follow certain food safety norms?

Yes, this is very important to us. We put special attention when it comes to food safety. We are fully insured for product and public liability. Unlike other mobile pizza catering services that stock ingredients in plastic containers placed on ice, we use a refrigerated van with a refrigerated 3 door top up ingredients fridge attached to oven and a refrigerated pizza ingredients bar.

Will you cater for corporate functions?

Yes! Mobile pizza catering in Sydney is a delicious, affordable, new and unique way to enjoy a corporate event. We bring all the equipment needed to prepare the best pizza for you and cook everything live in front of your staff and team. We also provide a tax receipt on payment.