Amusing Pizza Facts Everyone must know

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People all over the world are so in love with the cheesy, delicious delight that is pizza. They come in different flavours and tastes, and party lovers depend on mobile pizza caterers in Sydney who have the knack and expertise in making appetising pizzas. If you too are a pizza fanatic, here are some interesting facts you must know:

  1. While it is difficult to pin point when or who made the world’s first pizza, the general belief is that it’s originated from Naples, Italy. The first commercial pizza was developed in the 18th century in Italy.


  1. The world’s largest pizza was prepared in Rome, Italy in December 2012. It had a total surface area of 1,261.65 sq. metres. The pizza named Ottavia was made to spread awareness on the importance of healthy food choices.


  1. The preliminary versions of pizza didn’t have cheese in them! Cheese was added as an ingredient to pizza only in 1889. This was when Italian chef Raffaele Esposito added cheese in pizza made for Queen Margherita.


  1. Bruno Di Fabio is the fastest pizza maker in the world! He is a 13 time medallist at the world pizza games and can make 14 pizzas in just 2 minutes and 35 seconds!


  1. Peter Czerwinski achieved the world record for the fastest time in eating a 12” pizza in just 41.31 seconds! He used just a knife and fork and never used hands in the process.

Surprising right? These facts are enough to prove that pizza has created frenzy amongst food lovers in the world. As the majority of people are obsessed with this yummy meal, pizza will be a great food choice for your next party. Hire a pizza catering service in Sydney and your guests would thank you for that!